[ILLUSION] Hako | 箱-はこ- - uncensored

Brand / ブランド: ILLUSION



File Format: - .exe

Voice: JAP

Text: ENG | RUS | JAP

Release Date: 2008-10-10



1.Open the file Hako.Hako.iso (Daemon Tools).

2.Go to the image and run the ILLUSION 箱-はこ-.msi file (setup folder).

3.install Box -Hako-HF Patch.exe.


After you finish installing the game itself: Russian loader (Hako Rus) - we throw it into the folder with the game. We enter the game through it. Ancensor (hk100.pp) - We throw it in the data folder. Changing Japanese to understandable - We throw the contents of the localization folder into the data folder.


Download: Rapidgator - part1 part2




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