[ILLUSION] Sexy Beach 2 | Sexyビーチ2 - uncensored

Brand / ブランド: ILLUSION



File Format: - .exe

Voice: JAP

Text: JAP

Release Date: 2003-07-11



1) Mount ISO image "SexY BeacH 2" and Install the game through the program "AppLocale" or go into the image of the game and run the installer "SexyBeach2.msi"

2) After Installing "SexY Beach 2". Mount the "SexY Beach 2 Expansion Chiku Chiku Beach" ISO image and Install the game through the "AppLocale" program, or go into the game add-on image and run the installer called "StartSetup". In the installer window that appears, click on the first section and specify the directory where you installed "Sexy Beach 2". After that, the add-on will be installed. You can also optionally install another add-on "SB2 SexY AlbuM" the second section in the installer window. (I didn't install)

3) After installing the game itself and the addition to the game, you will need to install "EnG" patches that anglify the interface in the game, as well as partially storyline for some girls. Here's what you need to do for this, go to the folder "Sexy Beach 2+All English Patchers+Alterations and Nude Skins+Wallpaper". Then go to "English Patches", then to the folder "Sexy Beach 2-English Patches (Install in order)" and install the patches in the order of the versions assigned to them, that is, run "Sexy Beach 2 - English Patch V1.0-->V1. 1-->V1.2 After installing these patches, go to the "Chiku Chiku Beach Expansion - English Patch" folder and install the patch for the "Chiku Chiku Beach - English Patch V1.0" expansion located in this folder.

After installing these patches, censorship was partially removed for me, that is, the censorship squares disappeared, but disappeared in "H-Scenes", but did not disappear in "CG-scenes". Disappeared, but we will see the under-detailed charms of both the man and the girls, there is also a skin-suit-swimsuit (because it’s still not a scrutiny, but just a swimsuit that was made to add, you know what) adding to the girl that very part, how to install and the files themselves that add them are in the "Skins & Alterations-->Nude Skins" folder with instructions in English and the installation screenshots attached to them--> "readme" file, you will also find some more additions to the game in the folder Skins & Alterations.


Download: Rapidgator




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