[ILLUSION] Sexy Beach Zero | SexyビーチZERO - uncensored

Brand / ブランド: ILLUSION



File Format: - .exe

Voice: JAP

Text: ENG | JAP

Release Date: 2010-10-29



1. Mount the file "Game image [Image game]\DISK1.mds" in Daemon Tools (attached) and close the autorun installer.

2. We go to the image (My computer => Right Click on the image => Open) and run the file "ILLUSION SexyビーチZERO.msi".

3. Install the game in a folder with the name of the game in !English and a simple path to the folder with the game (example - E:\Games\SexyZERO).

4. At about 50% of the installation, an info window will pop up and you will need to change the disk to "Image game [Image game] \ DISK2.mds" Game installed! (this is the original - the Japanese version! to run it, you will also need NoDVD, and then patch it manually)

!For the English version and a simpler launch, follow step - 5.

5. Install the hongfire patch - Sexy Beach ZERO HF Patch.exe (see folder "Patches [Patches]\! Sexy Beach ZERO HF Patch").


Download: Rapidgator - part1 part2 part3




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